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As a family business, we have a real passion and a purpose: to bring our years of expertise to your environment and make a real difference to you, your business and your team.

We specialise in high profile public areas which are critical assets to our customers. A space cleaned by ABKO gives you the competitive edge, as we raise the bar in terms of presentation to carefully match the quality of your products.

 ABKO is responsible for maintaining numerous properties for a variety of businesses in the greater Brisbane area. While some people may consider cleaning to be a behind-the-scenes affair, we believe it is a vital part of running a successful company, integral in maintaining employee morale and productivity, and paramount to a good customer first impression.


Valued Customers

Growing the business predominantly through customer referrals, ABKO retains a keen focus on quality and professionalism, and builds long-standing partnerships. Existing clients see the unwavering commitment to each job and have every confidence in recommending ABKO’s services.


The Team

With the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, ABKO has garnered an unsurpassed reputation as a provider delivering an impeccably clean environment. The team are highly experienced, reliable and friendly, with an impressive track record in cleaning standards and professionalism.

ABKO’s vision projects well into the future and all staff recognise their part in the company’s continuing successes to guarantee that ABKO Cleaning Services will remain one of the leading and most trusted commercial cleaning providers.


Making a Difference

We know most people don’t associate commercial cleaning with ‘making a difference’ but we profoundly believe it can and does for several reasons…

Firstly, to us, commercial cleaning is so much more than just ‘cleaning’.

  1. Driving sales and customer confidence – by creating a wow factor space and managing your brand and business presentation, we see customers wanting to buy and return. (Not to mention team members loving being in their work space
  2. Ensuring good health and continued productivity – most people are not aware of the incredibly unhealthy factor - germ levels that exist on modern tech, like phones, tablets, screens and keyboards - that spread illness around an office in a heartbeat, costing you dollars in lost downtime.
  3. Meeting a duty of care for safety and sustainability – most cleaners use hard chemicals, truly toxic products that can affect the health of your staff (for e.g. increase asthma and more) and deteriorate furnishings and equipment faster, neither of which is sustainable for your business or the environment. That’s why we have spent time researching, testing and now using a wide range of non-toxic products through trusted suppliers, all of which reduce toxicity and health impacts while improving cleaning outcomes.



Next we make every transaction special via our Lifetime Partnership of B1G1, where each time we transact with a business like yours, we contribute to special, non-profit projects around the world as our small way of giving back.

Lastly, we believe in taking the burden of cleaning off your desk so you can focus on what you do best, after all you have a business to run!

We look forward to exploring how we can assist your business and help you meet those key objectives sooner rather than later! Thank you in advance for our consideration.

Sonja Dragic

Managing Director

ABKO – A trusted name in the cleaning industry