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Cleaning to exceptionally high standards.

We take great pride in improving the cleanliness of a work environment and business presentation to match  even the most discerning of customers

Commercial cleaning of office environments whether across one level or multiple floors is a core of our business and one we’re keen to keep assisting Corporates with over the coming years.

In these environments we feel there are two critical business objectives that our services address for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

We believe that cleaning is not just a chore that needs to be done, but is a value-add service which makes for a more comfortable business environment. A dirty workplace can be a health hazard as much as sensory turn-off, whereas pristine surroundings can proactively improve productivity when it meets our exacting standards

Firstly, ensuring good health and continued productivity of your greatest asset, your people.

Most people are truly not aware of the incredibly unhealthy factor - germ levels that exist on modern tech, like phones, tablets, screens and keyboards - that spread illness around in a heartbeat, costing you dollars in lost downtime.

Secondly, meeting a duty of care for safety and sustainability.

The use of hard chemicals, truly toxic products that can affect the health of your staff (for e.g. increase asthma and more) and deteriorate furnishings and equipment faster, neither of which is sustainable for your business or the environment.

That’s why we have spent time researching, testing and now using a wide range of non-toxic products through trusted suppliers, all of

which reduce toxicity and health impacts while improving cleaning outcomes.