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For your review, here are some Case Studies from the Medical Sector and some comments from within the industry on their experiences.

We are justifiably proud of the achievements of our staff over the last few years



Testimonials & client notes




I would like to thank Sonja and her team as we are extremely impressed with both the professionalism and exceptional service we have received from ABKO.  We have used several different cleaning companies over the years but have always been left both disappointed as they have never delivered what they promised in the beginning.


ABKO are certainly a step above the rest and understand exactly what we need given that we are an extremely busy Radiology clinic and our cleanliness is one of our utmost priorities.  I would highly recommend ABKO for all businesses alike who seek and expect top level of service”.

Rhianne Jones,
Practice Manager,
QScan Everton Park and Aspley

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories’ offices at Eight Mile Plain Qld were being serviced regularly by a local cleaning company, but not to a very high standard. The manager felt that this was out of sync with the advanced work they did as a division of the national scientific company focussed on innovations to assist people leading healthier lifestyles. Seeking a better standard of cleaning, the manager called in ABKO to help.

Sonja and her team worked over the weekend in order not to disrupt the office’s normal productivity and embarked on a major deep clean. Leaving no crook or cranny untouched, they blitzed every inch of the office. They deep cleaned the carpets, steam cleaned tiles, made the windows shine, disinfected all desks, carefully cleaned computers and sanitised all phone handsets. The result was not just a sparkling office, but the place felt cleaner and appeared brighter.

When the staff returned to work after the weekend they could hardly believe their eyes. The dirty, unkempt offices had been transformed into a light and welcoming environment in which they could enjoy working. Rather than dread going to the office, after the deep clean they all began to look forward to the experience.


“Dear Sonja and Milan,

This is a quick note to commend you for the excellent job you have done cleaning the Abbott office over the weekend.

The office looks brand new!

You must have spent all weekend to get it up to your promised high standards

Many thanks!”

Mark Stevens, Abbott Laboratories

"It is about 9 months ago, a few days after I moved to my new office, Sonja came to introduce herself, the cleaning services she provides, the weekly routine and how I can seek further assistance. She was a proud professional with a genuine caring attitude, she offered personalised service if needed to accommodate my business needs. Shortly after, I met the rest of the team, Ronald and Jake, who turned out to be among the most charming young men one would ever meet.


Every occupant in the premises gets to see the immaculate outcomes of their meticulous work but, because my working hours and that of ABKO team overlap most nights, I have got also to witness that it takes more than a vacuum cleaner, mob and some chemicals to get cleaning jobs done. It is in fact more about passion, fairness, accountability, commitment to excellence and ultimately pride. ABKO prides itself in its members, it owes its success to each and every individual in the company. The enthusiastic team brings enormous energy and positive attitude to the business, workplace and eventually to the industry as a whole.


ABKO takes its commitments to its stakeholders seriously, the management is mindful of the legal, professional and moral obligations they have to its clients and employees. As COVID pandemic began to unfold, ABKO proactively responded to the emerging health concerns and increasingly dynamic workplace needs. The company excelled in meeting the clients’ elevated demands without compromising health and safety standards


I personally praise ABKO team for the excellent efforts and outcomes they have been displaying since I have known them. It has just been brought to my attention that ABKO won awards for their exceptional contributions to the industry in the last consecutive three years. I have no doubt that the company has ideally positioned itself for a fourth year win.


 Best regards, Yousef Moshmosh

Austravisa Migration Solutions

"Thanks for doing the extra cleaning in the workshop office last night it certainly looks very good.


I must compliment you on the high standard of cleaning ABKO has provided over the last few years.


We have gone from a situation where on an almost daily basis staff were complaining that simple things were not done at the scheduled cleaning the night before under previous contractors, to having no complaints at all under your company. You have always been prompt and reliable and very consistent in service levels and quality."


 Chris Walker

Mercedes-Benz Brisbane

“Being in the retail industry, having an impeccably clean work environment is mandatory and the team at ABKO have done an outstanding job cleaning the Bryan Byrt group of companies over the past 5 years. Prior to their appointment, we had many companies attempt to clean our business; however they just couldn’t meet our minimum expectations. The ABKO team have always exceeded them, both in cleaning and professionalism.”

Ben Ruxton, Bryan Byrt Automotive Group

“It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with Sonja, Milan and the ABKO cleaning team. For over six years they have provided a flexible and efficient service that has had the ability to grow and change as our businesses expanded and relocated.”

Sonja Turner, Bryan Byrt Automotive Group