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The 6 Step ABKO Difference


Since opening, we have elevated the bar for customer satisfaction in the corporate cleaning industry-places where first impression is paramount, and have earned a reputation for professionalism, honesty and quality performance.

Cleaning to exceptionally high standards, we take great pride in improving business presentation to match even the most discerning of customers.

With many years of commercial cleaning experience, working with automotive businesses, retailers, small business and professional services firms, large corporate offices or medical centers and suites, we understand and truly believe that commercial cleaning is about so much more than just cleaning.

For us, it is about your brand and business presentation, sales, even health of your team, productivity and cost management.

We understand that the quality of our work affects the efficiency of your business and

is one of the first things your customers will judge you on when  they walk  into your environment. It is for these reasons we pride ourselves on such exceptionally high standards.

Please scroll down to discover the 6 Step ABKO Difference. Enjoy!



They say ‘prevention is better than the cure’! We whole-heartedly agree.

We believe that cleaning is not just a chore that needs to be done, but is a value-add service which makes for a more comfortable business environment.  A dirty workplace can be a health hazard as much as sensory turn-off, whereas pristine surroundings can proactively improve productivity when it meets our exacting standards. Quality cleaning should not be considered as a cost, but a fundamental element required keeping staff, clients and customers happy in the workplace.

 Did you know that according to various studies around the world phones and computer mouse can carry thousands of germs per square inch while a keyboard often has some 7,500 microbes hiding amongst the keys!  Just imagine what door handles, lift buttons and more carry, just ready to spread viruses, colds and flu!  And what’s worse? These germs and microbes live for up to 4 days, multiplying each and every day these surfaces go uncleaned and are infectious for up to 24 hours!  This is why cleaning for us is about protecting your team member’s health and the ongoing productivity of your business – a crystal clean space is a healthy space.


We understand the impact toxic chemicals can have on the body and our long term health.

Having been in the industry for years, we understand the impact toxic chemicals can have on the body and our long term health, especially when it comes to toxic chemicals applied to clean and disinfect desks  you and your staff work at each and every day. That’s why we only use cost effective nontoxic cleaning products and techniques that reduce toxicity and impact.

As just one example of our commitment to sustainability, ABKO offer Eco green Long Lasting Sanitizer’ that has a kill rate of 99% against E.coli and Staph. Aureus bacteria and so helps reduce the spread of colds and flu, works for up to 30 days and does so without harsh chemicals or acids, is non-toxic , non-caustic and environmentally friendly.


 Strict entry and exit procedures in place not only for ABKO staff but for everyone.

At ABKO we understand that your cleaners are your trusted partners in your work environment, after all, the equipment, the premises itself, your team members' personal belongings all must be treated with the utmost respect – safe and secure at all times. That’s why we have strict entry and exit procedures in place not only for ABKO staff but after hour access for our clients’ staff- if required to return to premises for any reason.

We also understand our team members are your direct experience of our brand. That’s why all of our team members are exceptional individuals, with a great attitude, work ethic, professionalism and the greatest trustworthiness.

Further, each cleaner is specifically hand-picked and matched to suit your premises and the job at hand. So you can rest assured our team are good, hard working people there to do a genuinely great job each and every visit.

We see ourselves having a duty of care to your business. That’s why, if we see something out of the ordinary we will immediately report it directly and formally to you.


Precision and repetition are the keys to great quality commercial cleaning.

We understand that the quality of our work affects the efficiency of your business, so we always have that at the forefront of our mind while we clean. Our promise to you is 100% customer satisfaction or your money back, guaranteed.

To guarantee a hassle-free professional relationship, a dedicated account manager will tailor the cleaning programme including Cleaning Specification  Checklist to meet your unique business needs.

This Checklist providing detailed step by step instructions on all requirements for your business is followed at each and every visit.

 Our team personally put their name to their work! This Checklist is signed by your Cleaner and Supervisor. ABKO cleaners work for a full 6 months – 26 weeks – with detailed supervision; constantly monitor their performance and understanding of your needs, before they are able to clean your space alone.

No excuses then for anything other than a perfect job, every time!

Our quality control is your peace of mind, which is why we go to great lengths to make sure we keep our promise to you.

A weekly visit by a member of the ABKO management team, providing written reports, including photographic evidence, of any asset issues discovered during our work enables us to guarantee our quality control.



ABKO offers expert advice and innovative cleaning solutions to all contracts. We have a comprehensive range of cleaning packages to suit your needs, no matter how big or small.

Cleaning may seem simple but in our years of experience there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to clean!    That’s why at ABKO we utilise the latest technology and pride ourselves on advanced practices to ensure that you have an impeccably clean environment.

We use proven product partnerships, constantly review the latest range of equipment and products and train our staff to our high standards.

Some of the practices in place are:

  • Microfiber cloths or specialty hand held vacuums to pick up dust on all surfaces including key  boards and computers
  • No sprays or wet cloths to surfaces or computer screens
  • Using the same cleaning tools through different areas of a facility effectively spreads disease and bacteria and can affect the health of your staff and visitors. Colour coding our cleaning tools, equipment and chemicals creates a cleaner, safer environment. It’s also easier to be more organised, train staff, reduce risks of cross contamination, drive efficiencies and achieve higher levels of hygiene within your environment.
  • Steam cleaning to produce a gleaming, germs free kitchen and bathroom environment without toxic chemicals authenticate your business as a first-class establishment, filling clients with every confidence in awarding you their custom.
  • Specialty cleaning cloths that house the disinfectant within the material, eliminating the need to spray chemicals onto your surfaces which increases toxicity and weakens the integrity of the surfaces! And more …

Our business packs a powerful punch of the right people, technology, and commitment to make sure you receive first class cleaning solutions.



At ABKO we make communication easy!  We regularly check in with you to make sure all is going well and of course, if there are any issues or anything you need, you can speak directly to us 24/7.  However, you’re not speaking with a Manager or the Cleaner themselves, you’ll be speaking directly with the Owners of the business who have a vested interest in resolving any issue quickly and efficiently for you!

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